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Get native performance and UX for iOS and Android from a single code base.

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Build Elegant, Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps

Pace and performance are essential for the survival and growth of mobile apps. NativeScript is an open-source framework that assists to develop mobile apps quickly for iOS and Android platforms.

  • Runs on iOS and android
  • Access to native APIs and plugins
  • Live reload and sync
  • Full support for font icons
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS web development skill
  • Lower learning curve
NativeScript Plugin Development

NativeScript Plugin Development

NativeScript App Development

NativeScript App Development

NativeScript Game Development

NativeScript Game Development

NativeScript for Cross Platform Development

NativeScript for Cross Platform Development

Let WebReinvent’s native script app development build your business's app, and make it useful for your customers.

Make app development easy for your business.

Complex projects need breakthrough app development to avoid chaos. You want to have every factor, every metric, and every individual task within your sight, observing their status and giving you the power to change workflows on the go. Don’t hope for a project to get finished soon. Plan it! Get obsessed with the simple, design!

Runs on iOS and android

Hire our NativeScript Developer who is a specialist to work on a cross-platform nature. Developing mobile apps using NativeScript conserves lots of time compared to developing Android apps, which eventually saves the development cost.

Access to native APIs and plugins

NativeScript facilitates the choice to access native code (iOS and Android APIs and Plugins) as required without dropping Javascript/Typescript. NativeScript plugins are NPM packages with some added native functionality.

Live reload and sync

With NativeScript LiveSync, you can create changes to the NativeScript app in the editor. Those modifications are real-time and immediately refreshed in the attached devices.

Full support for font icons

NativeScript presents unlimited assistance for font icons which will ultimately intensify the visual experience for users.

HTML, JavaScript, CSS web development skill

iOS applies Objective C or Swift and Android uses Java to develop native applications. NativeScript uses Javascript, a TypeScript that developers frequently apply in app development. NativeScript utilizes CSS for styling the UIs that are suitable for existing software developers and no need to study new programming languages.

Lower learning curve

For mobile app developers, it is useful to get on with NativeScript. All the programmer wants is basic knowledge and some web development expertise using CSS, Native UI markup, and JavaScript.

Why adopt NativeScript for your business?

NativeScript empowers cross-platform applications to seamlessly operate without any significant speed and performance roadblocks.

Who are we?

You want your business to flourish. For every slight change of your business portfolio, you gotta modify, and here comes the automated app which works efficiently in even slight changes.

Get your business out faster and reach its audience in real-time. Boost efficiency, and let our system detect your target groups automatically using advanced technology. Use your custom system to maximize your business and analyze the resulting data exactly how you want it to be.


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