AI & Machine Learning Services

AI & Machine Learning Services

In today’s business environment, making the right decisions or course corrections at the right time can make all the difference.

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So many companies make casual promises about AI, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.

With real AI, your network becomes easier to operate. You can quickly configure, troubleshoot, and protect your network while minimizing errors.

  • Computational histopathology
  • Anomaly detection and breakdown prediction
  • Targeted extraction and automated understanding of text
  • Price prediction
  • Ensemble techniques for prediction
  • Applied mathematical optimization
AI and ML Applications

Business across the globe are leveraging AI

AI and ML Experts

AI and ML Expert

AI and ML Services

AI and ML Services

AI and ML Company

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When you can fix problems before they impact users, you’re delivering a next-level experience.

Nothing compares to real AI.

Reinvent decision-making and deliver better business outcomes with AI-powered data. We blend Data Science/ Analytics with a business focused strategic outlook to ensure our clients achieve ROI from their various analytics initiatives. We leverage deep machine learning techniques to derive meaningful insights and relationships from huge amounts of data.

Computational histopathology

Classifying cell structures and recognizing similar regions in tissue samples.

Anomaly detection and breakdown prediction

Modeling machine breakdown using supervised learning over high dimensional time-series data.

Targeted extraction and automated understanding of text

Identifying and extracting key concepts, questions in chat conversations/ reviews and recognizing values for domain attributes.

Price prediction

Predicting rental and sale value of homes depending on historical trends and demographics to within 80% of the actual price.

Ensemble techniques for prediction

Improving prediction accuracy using an ensemble techniques.

Applied mathematical optimization

Determining the optimal parameters for a system of equations with an end application specific optimization goal.

Take the next steps for an AI-driven enterprise.

Evolutionary computation creatively solves problems.

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The evolutionary algorithms process generations of variable combinations very quickly. The least-useful-candidates are discarded and new ones are generated from variants of the most-useful-candidates through recombination and mutation.

Evolutionary AI makes it possible to identify the best approaches to designs, products and processes. Take data complexity and transform it into simple, actionable insights with Unsupervised. Analyze all your data — both structured and unstructured — with no data joining or prep work required.


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Model and prescribe optimal outcomes

WebReinvent uses advanced evolutionary algorithms and deep learning to produce actionable results from complicated, multivariate problems.

  • One platform for all users
  • End-to-End automation
  • Governed, explainable, and trusted AI
  • Multimodal data
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In a very short period of time, potentially millions of variables can be evaluated against business goals, every option weighed for its benefit and the very best path to success identified.

  • Paxata data preparation
  • Automated machine learning
  • Automated time series