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MOR API integration lets other software interact with MOR without knowing the internal structure of the database (DB) and other logic.

MOR API is a set of tools that allows software developers to work with the MOR DB without having to know the internal structure of the DB or other details about how the database is used.

MorApp interacts with MOR using Application Program Interfaces (APIs). This allows read-and-write actions. When a requested function is not supported by an API, MorApp will try to access the MOR database to retrieve the information via read-only access. If the service provider does not allow database access, MorApp’s functionality will be limited.

Technology stack behind MOR

The MOR system built with Ruby on Rails and MySQL as a database. It’s built on top of asterisks to allow for interconnectivity. This way, users can place calls easily. And, it’s served through Apache for optimal security.

Why should a business consider MOR API development?

Automate payments, business processes, and more with MOR API (Money Order and Receipt API). This suite of modern payment APIs makes it easy to streamline systems with third-party gateways, CRMs, and more. It also facilitates customer portals.

  • MOR API functionality includes the ability to perform certain operations without modifying the GUI. This allows you to avoid having to possess advanced knowledge of Ruby on Rails.

  • If you have experience writing code in any programming language and you are able to send an HTTP request, then using MOR API—which is just a simple HTTP POST request—will be very easy for you.

  • Please be aware that any modifications you make directly to the GUI will be overwritten by MOR’s upgrade scripts. However, your modifications are stored in backup, and you will need to merge these changes yourself whenever you receive a MOR update.

MOR API integration services at WebReinvent

WebReinvent have more than 5 years’ experience of working with Kolmisoft MOR. During this time, WebReinvent built up a strong understanding of what’s needed to best use the MOR API’s and integrate them into existing systems. WebReinvent expects to streamline the process of the marketplace app and bring in the power of automation at a minor financial investment.

Our expertise has years of experience in providing expenses API integration solutions that will surely tap into a lucrative market. We are committed to creating the best product possible and we promise to create a product that will exceed your expectations.

We love helping solve your business problems. When you appreciate our work, we work harder to gain a greater understanding of emerging technologies. Get in touch with the best MOR API integration company.

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