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WebReinvent tailors project management systems fitting seamlessly into your business structure and combines it with complete consultation throughout the whole process.

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Take project management to the next level with your own, unique system.

Never lose track of your business's tasks, obtain a complete overview of the current state, assigned employees, and future goals.

  • Consulting
  • Kanban tools
  • Unique development
  • In-depth statistics
  • Implementation
  • AI-power tools
Project Management System Project

Project Management System Project

Project Management System Analysis and Design

Project Management System Analysis and Design

Project Management System Architecture

Project Management System Architecture

Project Management System Construction

Project Management System Construction

Gain complete control over your processes, structure, and organize your business's to-dos in a clean, modern way.

This is what our services look like.

Complex projects need breakthrough project management to avoid chaos. You want to have every factor, every metric, and every individual task within your sight, observing their status and giving you the power to change workflows on the go. Don’t hope for a project to get finished soon. Plan it! Get obsessed with simple, kanban inspired design! Here’s how our service to create your custom PMS gets split up:


Your PMS should fit your business perfectly. Not every company seems to have the same needs. Maybe yours are pretty lightweight or hard to satisfy. No matter what, an all-around, off-the-shelf system will compromise in terms of features and doesn't care about your final integration leaving you with an inefficient system. That's why our experts take care of you from the very beginning. Let's find out which features you need and how you can benefit from special ones.

Kanban tools

Kanban has proven itself to be one of the most efficient ways to manage and optimize your projects. With a highly visual user interface using simple cards and different status sections to put them in, kanban is the way to go for your future project management system. On top of that, it’s highly customizable. No matter how you’d like to interact with your individual tasks, you can define it. Design-wise you’re not limited either. Make it exactly look how you like it to be!

Unique development

If each of our systems is one of a kind, so is it's development. We cut no corners to ensure you're about to receive a high-quality product using nothing but the most modern and advanced technologies. The sky's the limit. No feature is too wild or too minor. If your business needs it, then it'll be there. Special features, mobile version to interact with your PMS on the go or super-advanced, AI-powered tools, you name it!

In-depth statistics

Success can be measured. That's why our PMS systems can come with lots of in-depth analysis tools, measuring the performance of each and every task and project. While doing so, it can identify bottlenecks, notify you if something goes wrong, or is about to miss a deadline. When it comes to data analysis there are simply no limits. Measure metrics you always wanted to measure.


A system is as good as its implementation into its environment. A good working PMS should be linked perfectly with it's sub- or main systems as well as configuring the right way in order to allow the system to run for itself flawlessly. That's why our developers spare no efforts to implement your custom PMS perfectly into your business so it's ready to go.

AI-power tools

Using our statistics, you may be able to identify weak spots and bottlenecks. Under the hood though, your PMS can be equipped with AI-powered data analysis tools measuring and identifying weak spots as well as bottlenecks and ways to optimize them for you. This can be done using machine learning software and the knowledge of our great experts in AI.

Why you should care about customized project management software

Business digitization and automation are taking over. Now it’s your turn to take the leap.

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Create projects divided into tasks, assign employees to them, gain a complete overview of current states and future outlooks. Analyze automatically generated statistics regarding your efficiency with AI-powered improvement suggestions to continuously increase it even further.

With lots of tasks and projects to finish, it’s easy to lose track resulting in wasted time and capital. Custom project management systems are fitting seamlessly into your every-day business while pushing your efficiency to the edge.


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