Laravel – Adhering to modern coding standards – It’s powerful. It’s elegant. It’s well documented.

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With taking the PHP world by storm, Laravel has proven to be the ultimate friend of developers. Laravel now takes the lead over its competitors by inducing a clean & exclusive framework for PHP web development.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source object-oriented model-view-controller (MVC) for PHP. It’s friendly for users and helps to create applications of all shapes & sizes. Laravel helps with building applications with clean and expressive syntax, freeing one from the spaghetti code.

Laravel includes an enormous ecosystem which has prompt hosting and deployment system.

With having extraordinary attributes which streamline strenuous tasks, Laravel saves an ample amount of time and reduces the overall cost of development drastically. It is extremely powerful & reliable. Laravel is loaded with exceptional features which increase the competitiveness, output & efficiency throughout.

Laravel vs other PHP frameworks

Laravel takes an easy lead over its competitors in the market. Let’s see what advantages it has over other PHP frameworks.

  • Laravel is quick & simple.

  • Laravel maintains all the SQL codes in separate model files, making coding stress-free

  • Pre-enabled tools to safeguard from SQL injections & cross site scripting (XSS) attacks - saving time from complicated coding for website’s security.

  • Super easy setup and customization process

  • Pre-installed packages like Elixir, Socialite, Cashier & Eloquent - saves a huge amount of time of developers & clients.

Why should you invest in Laravel web development?

  • Template Engine - Building astounding layouts with dynamic content seeding is much easier with Laravel’s inbuilt lightweight templates. With the templates, one can easily build simple layouts with different sections. This facilitates faster loading of the webpage.

  • Eloquent ORM - ORM stands for Object Relational Mapping. An ORM is comparatively quicker than other PHP frameworks. Instead of writing SQL code, one can use eloquent ORM provided by Laravel which lets user run database queries with PHP syntax through simple PHP Activerecord implementation which, in turn, provides swift search results.

  • Modular - Laravel framework has been built on more than twenty various libraries and in itself is categorized into individual modules. It acquires contemporary PHP guidelines, that enables developers to create modular, responsive and convenient web apps.

  • MVC Architecture Support - Laravel notes the Model-View-Controller pattern, assuring lucidity in between presentation and logic. MVC architecture supports in improvising the performance, enables better documentation, and consists of multiple built-in functions.

  • Migration system for databases - With migration, expanding the database structure is made much easier without having a need to rebuilt it, every time a change is made. With this great feature, there is not a way to lose your data. Laravel Migration not only gives the facility to amend the structure of the database, but it also lets to do so using PHP code instead of SQL.

  • Security - Laravel takes care of the security within its framework and helps to evade the need to write complex code to implement security. Laravel’s hash facade imparts secure Bcrypt hashing to store user’s passwords. The user “Registrar” service makes the appropriate Bcrypt function call to hash stored passwords.

Other praise-worthy features of Laravel that can’t be missed.

  • AJAX enabled widgets

  • Dynamic error handling

  • Reusable code

  • Unit testing

  • Amalgamation with email services

  • RESTful routing

  • Caching

  • Scaffolding

  • Automatic Pagination

  • Validation

  • Hooks / Events

Why choose WebReinvent as Laravel development company?

  • Proficient & talented team of highly skilled & experienced Programmers for Laravel having expertise on various PHP frameworks including Laravel framework

  • We follow coding guidelines & standards

  • User-friendly interface

  • Stress-free testing

  • Clean code & APIs

  • Multi-browser compatibility

  • Maintainable code

  • Up to date with latest technologies

We understand what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll leave no stone unturned to give you 100% satisfaction with our innovative mindset and an urge to reinvent the entire web world.

Our Laravel developers capabilities

  • Laravel Custom Development

  • Laravel Extension development

  • Laravel RESTful App development

  • Laravel Packages

  • Website Migration using Laravel

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