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Create innovative surveys and get in-depth analysis with your custom survey software.

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Collect opinions and data like never before using your custom survey software.

Create custom surveys and send them out using different marketing channels. Let the survey software structurize the resulting data perfectly creating stunning charts.

  • Consultation process
  • Survey creation
  • Development process
  • Target groups
  • Implementation process
  • Data analysis
Survey Software for Research

Survey Software for Research

Survey Software Android App

Survey Software Android App

Survey Software Platforms

Survey Software Platforms

Survey Software Providers

Survey Software Providers

Let the survey system analyze the resulting data smartly and get AI-created assumptions regarding your survey theme.

The six parts of your custom service software.

Surveys are a modern way to communicate with potential customers and to get data to optimize your business and products. You want different surveys for different target groups and all of the resulting data in one place. That’s what your survey software will be about. Check out the features you can choose from in your custom software package.

Consultation process

Our consultation team takes care of your needs. From the start to the finish line, our consulting team stays by your side, enabling you to express yourself on which features your survey software should have and how your software should look.

Survey creation

Your custom developed survey software contains various tools to create custom surveys in a fast way. No matter if you expect text, date, or numeric input, your survey software handles all data types with ease, leaving you with extended options to smartly combine questions.

Development process

After the consulting process, it’s time to let the magic happen. Our team of professional developers got the blueprint of your very own survey software from the consulting team and are about to turn it into a tailored piece of software fitting perfectly within your business structure.

Target groups

Within your survey software, you can create different target groups that will receive various surveys. On top of that, your custom survey software allows you to integrate all of your use marketing channels to which you can send out the surveys to all of the different target groups.

Implementation process

We won't leave you till we’re finished, that includes the implementation process within your business. That’s been said, our team of professionals takes your custom-developed survey software and implements it within your business structures, including feeding it with the necessary data channels, so it’s ready to go from the very first day.

Data analysis

After your surveys have been a success throughout your target groups, all of the resulting data gets stored within your custom survey system. You can manually create statistics within the data or export it in various ways, or let the system automatically generate statistics and charts to let you immediately know the opinions of your target group.

Let’s reinvent surveys

Surveys became even more powerful with your very own, custom software.

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Create surveys, integrate smart features and send them out using all of the different marketing channels you’d like. Let the surveys run for an arbitrary time and collect all of the data in one spot.

Your custom survey software automatically generates statistics and gives you beautiful charts to make the readability of the collected data very easy. Let the software put the resulting data into context making the process of creating assumptions much faster and more straight forward.


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