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Node.js is an open source command line tool built for the server side JavaScript code. It is designed to build scalable network applications.

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Our Node.js services will let you do some really powerful things without breaking a sweat.

Node.js runs single-threaded, non-blocking, asynchronously programming, which is very memory efficient.

  • Chat applications
  • Server side web apps
  • Data streaming
  • Monitoring dashboards
  • Brokerage - stock trader's dashboard
  • API on top of an object DB
Node Development Tools

Node Development Tools

Node API Development

Node API Development

Node.js Development Docker

Node.js Development Docker

Advanced Node.js Development

Advanced Node.js Development

You visited the right place, you can get everything that you desire for the particular topic.

What Is Node.js Great For?

Node.js is an open source command line tool built for the server side JavaScript code. It is designed to build scalable network applications.

Chat applications

A most typical real-time application, a messaging chat application shows all the best of Node.js. Multiple users, big traffic, intensive data and running across devices. Also good to learn Node while making a chat, as it covers almost all the paradigms of a typical Node.js app.

Server side web apps

Not a typical use of Node due to HTML, though if you pair Node.js and Express.js, you can make classic web applications on the server-side. Again, this is subject to debate, but if your app is low on CPU computation, you’re surely able to build it fully in JavaScript.

Data streaming

Leveraging the fact that HTTP requests and responses are basically data streams, we can use Node.js to create some positive features. For instance, processing files while they are just being uploaded, e.g. for audio/video encoding.

Monitoring dashboards

To collect real-time data about website visitors and visualizations, you can use Node.js nicely to make system dashboards. User statistics and the ability to see what they are doing instantly, isn’t it great for business?

Brokerage - stock trader's dashboard

Let’s get back to the application level. Another example where desktop software dominates, but could be easily replaced with a real-time web solution is to perform calculations/technical analysis, and create graphs/charts.

API on top of an object DB

Although Node.js really shines with real-time applications, it’s quite a natural fit for exposing the data from object DBs (e.g. MongoDB). JSON stored data allow Node.js to function without the impedance mismatch and data conversion.

Our Node.js services have the ability to handle thousands of concurrent connections with minimal overhead on a single process.

These services shine in real-time web applications employing push technology over web sockets.

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Using Node.js services, our developers work in the non-blocking, event-driven I/O paradigm with great efficiency.

Performance and scalability are the two prime features of the Node.js services that we offer.


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Node.js now plays a critical role in our company’s technology stack of and its unique benefits features are bound to benefit you.

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