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Manage your real estate and your cash flows the using your very own, digital power tool.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets, they’ve been boring

Manage your cash flows, have all of your tenants in one place and manage all rents individually.

  • Consultation
  • Property management
  • Development
  • Rent management
  • Implementation
  • Data analysis
Real Estate Management Accounting

Real Estate Management Accounting

Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management and Finance

Real Estate Management and Finance

Product Lifecycle Management Company

Product Lifecycle Management Company

Get in-depth business analytics, see where pricing can be optimized, add custom metrics to calculate performance with all of the numbers organized in one place.

It’s time to manage digitally, no we’re not talking about spreadsheets

The real estate business has not changed a lot in the digital era. That changes now. Owners are overwhelmed by the digital spirit and want to manage their properties from everywhere in the world. In times of social distancing it becomes more and more important to have a management system in the cloud. That’s what our real estate management software is all about. Let’s have a look at how our service looks.


Your software needs to be unique, that's how the consultation process will be as well. Our team of business professionals elaborates with your help a blueprint of all the software features and design properties your software should have.

Property management

Have all of your properties just one click away inside one single piece of software. See all of the building properties, schedule repairs and check which tenants live in which property. No matter if it’s a private or business property, the features are able to change on the go.


The blueprint is done? Now it’s time to kick things off with the development. Our team of IT professionals take the blueprint and convert it in a functional piece of software using nothing, but the most advanced technologies.

Rent management

Have all of your money collection and your cash flow streams in one spot. See how much each property contributes to your cash flows, schedule rent raises and have all of the legal information and contacts of your tentas built into the software to do so.


After the software development process is done, it’s time to implement the software into your business. With the help of our professionals, your system gets configured and calibrated to work flawlessly from the very first day. During the entire process, our team is always available for changes on the go.

Data analysis

See how your properties perform and let the system automatically generate quartal and annual reports. Have all of your tax reports and documents within your real estate management software. Let the system generate statistics and enjoy hints on where your performance could be optimized compared to your other properties.

Stop being outdated!

Out team of professionals guide you through the woods of digitization.

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Manage your properties smartly, it’s time to boost your efficiency to the absolute maximum.

Manage properties, tentands and rents. Have all of your building properties just one click away from you. Access your data from everywhere in the world using cloud services.


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