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It’s time for digitization. Manage each stage of your products smartly with your custom PLM software.

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Say goodbye to paper-mess. Let’s have everything in one, digital single spot.

Manage every step in the creation of your products. From the vision to the production and support.

  • Individual consulting
  • Development management
  • Developing process
  • Production management
  • Complete implementation
  • Sales & after sales management
Product Lifecycle Management Services

Product Lifecycle Management Services

Product Lifecycle Management Tools

Product Lifecycle Management Tools

Product Lifecycle Management Stages

Product Lifecycle Management Stages

Product Lifecycle Management Analyst

Product Lifecycle Management Analyst

Enjoy advanced features in your very own PLM software and access the system from everywhere in the world using cloud services.

You want a product? We offer a process.

By scaling your business, you also scale your production, your product variation and the amount of workers you employ. It’s getting more and more difficult to efficiently manage the development, production and sales process of each product if you do things still manually. That’s what our PLM software tries to solve. Let’s have a look on how our service works.

Individual consulting

Off the shelf solutions are inefficient. Let’s find out what your business needs in terms of PLM to create your very own, one of a kind system. We offer individual consultancy to create PLM software best fitting with your business philosophy. Our experts take care of you in every part of the process. It’s like building your accommodation, you’ll be the project manager.

Development management

The prototype creation of a future product can end messy if it lacks proper organisation. Thankfully though, with your custom PLM that's an easy task. Manage each individual step, assign employees and manage your prototype budget of every single prototype all in one single part of your custom PLM software.

Developing process

Depending on your needs, our tailored PLM software has no limits, reaching from simple analytical tools to fully fledged, and advanced features. Your system will get developed exactly how you defined it during the consultation process.

Production management

Your prototype turned out to be a hit? It’s time to produce in scale! Manage each production tep, give IDs to every part and see which production tep takes the longest and which ones are already properly efficient.

Complete implementation

After your system has been developed, it’s time to put it into action! A system is as good as it’s implementation. That’s why we cover the entire implementation process. We install the software, link all necessary tools, or pre-existing systems to it, and make it ready to go for you.

Sales & after sales management

Manage your sales and let the system generate statistics as well as quarterly and annual reports based on your sales numbers. See exactly where your products went. On top of that, handle all the service and support within your custom PLM system.

Manage your product's life cycle in a smart, digital way

Your custom PLM acts as an individual assistance for each and everyone of your products.

Who are we?

Manage the R&D processes of every product, have all of the production steps in one spot and adjust them on the go using your cloud-based PLM system.

Gain the ability to manage each and every single one of your products after the sale for support and service purposes. Keep all of your products numbers in one single spot.


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We combine various knowledge from business and IT professionals into one single package.

  • 100% unique PLM
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  • Only future proof technologies
  • Always extendable
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