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Make payroll and time collection of your employees easy and automated with WebReinvents custom system fitting seamlessly into your business.

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Once a month it’s time again, but this time you’ll have ultimate control.

Observe clean, in-depth statistics about your employees' work time, manage vacations, and stamping times while getting instant notifications if some irregularities occur.

  • Consultation process
  • Your expenses in one system
  • Developing process
  • Master time management
  • Implementation
  • Manage employees
Payroll Time and Attendance

Payroll Time and Attendance

Payroll Time Tracking

Payroll Time Tracking

Real Time Payroll

Real Time Payroll

Payroll Time Collection Development

Payroll Time Collection Development

Get the payroll done in an easy, automated way. Enjoy fully elaborated tax calculations and automatically generated pay strips for each and every one of your employees.

Our toolbox for your custom system

You’re scaling, offer more and more workplaces, and in reaction to that employ more and more workers. Spreadsheets are great, but they have their limits. They’re error-prone, manual to handle, and most of the time, chaotic. None of that should find its place within your business. Beam yourself into the digital era with our custom-designed payroll and time collection system fitting perfectly into your business. Gain a detailed overview of our offer down below!

Consultation process

Your payroll & time collection system is going to be unique. We want it to be a perfect fit within your pre-existing business structure. To achieve that, our consulting team breaks down your needs and creates a blueprint of tools and features handed over to the developers

Your expenses in one system

With your custom payroll & time collection system, you can have all of your employee's numbers at one sight. Manage your employee's payrolls, generate pay slips, and have the ability to track and approve all of your employee's expenses. All of that combined in one system.

Developing process

Depending on your needs, our tailored payroll & time collection software has no limits, reaching from simple analytical tools to fully fledged, and advanced features. Your system will get developed exactly how you defined it during the consultation process.

Master time management

Losing track while managing a lot of employees can happen real fast. Everyone has different metrics and does completely different things. With your custom system, you can manage your employee's attendance, receive vacation requests, which you can approve or deny. On top of that, all of the data gets collected and presents itself in beautiful, automatically generated statistics.


Your system should work flawlessly from the very first day. That’s why our team of experts takes care of you until we’re finished. The process of implementation is the last part of our process leaving you with a fully functional, and ready to use system.

Manage employees

Within your system, you can add various employee management and interaction features. You can generate reviews of each and every individual employee, measure their performance, and generate general statistics. On top of that, to be able to interact with multiple employees at once, you can add chatbots that can hold a query, or resolve them by themselves.

Look forward when it’s time to payroll

It's payroll time. We want to make it easy, yet complete for you.

Who are we?

Let’s face it, payrolls have been a time consuming and tedious task ever since. The digitization and usage of simplified and “dumb” systems haven't changed that a lot. That’s why our approach is different. We offer a fully customized system without any bloating features to give you the exact experience you want and need.

We want your business to be precise. Precise when it comes to payrolls, but also time collection of your employees. Hiring lots of people creates an immense amount of data where it’s easy to lose track of. WebReinvent’s system invites you to take a different road. The road of fully automated time collection management with extended features to fit perfectly into your business.


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