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We develop custom marketing systems to push your online marketing results beyond edges.

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Take the lead now, automate the way you market your business and products.

Generate automatically formed target groups reflecting the exact needs your product fulfills. Let the system define your ideal customer and its value for every product.

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  • Campaign management
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Marketing Automation In Digital Marketing

Marketing Automation In Digital Marketing

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing Automation Platform

Let WebReinvent’s marketing automation system create auto-generated marketing campaigns in your business's style, and analyze the results as efficiently as possible.

Make marketing easy again. This is our offer for you.

Nowadays, marketing processes run too quickly, to get rationally observed by a human being. For that, there are automated systems to take care of. Most of the time, off-the-shelf systems lack functionality in terms of the complexity and needs of your specific niche. That’s why our approach is different. Grasp down below how our service works and find out why custom-created marketing automation is a perfect fit for you!


We want you to market differently. That’s why your system’s features will be unique throughout the whole industry. Our consulting team elaborates on the degree of automation and the corresponding tools with you and hands the result over to our pro developers.


Enrich your custom marketing automation system with an AI-based recommendation engine. Collect an untamed amount of data from all of your customers, let the system analyze their needs, and the engine recommends the perfect product from your inventory to them.


Each of our systems is a one of a kind. We cut no corners to ensure you're about to receive a high-quality system, using nothing but the most modern and advanced technologies. If we’ve defined a feature, then it'll be there. Unique tools, mobile versions, or super-advanced, AI-powered marketing tools, you name it!

Campaign management

Create custom campaigns from scratch or let the system auto generate them. Feed various campaigns into the system and let the integrated engine perform automatic A/B testings. The engine can determine the better performing one and automatically launches the campaign based on trigger thresholds.


We believe that a system is as good as its implementation. A flawlessly working marketing automation should be linked perfectly with it's sub- or main systems. That's why our developers spare no efforts to implement your custom system perfectly into your business so it's ready to get used right away.

Detailed statistics

In marketing, testing is everything. But the resulting data coming from campaign tests is worthless if you drown in the massive data chaos coming with them. That’s why you can add breakthrough data analysis and statistic tools, to always get an overview of how your campaigns are performing and which target group likes different products of your inventory the most.

But isn’t my marketing approach already great?

It probably is, by automating it you push the edges of efficiency even further.

Who are we?

You launch a new product, determine a new target group, or explore new markets. For every slight change of your business portfolio, you gotta modify your whole marketing process. What do we know about repetitive tasks? That’s right! They’re easily automatable.

Get your campaigns out there faster, boost their efficiency, and let our system detect your target groups automatically using advanced AI-technology. Use your custom system to maximize your campaigns ROI and analyze the resulting data exactly how you want it to be.


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