Human capital management (HCM) Development Services

We offer custom HMC software perfectly fitting your needs. Digitize your human resource management.

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Transparent, efficient, tailored. Our HCM system is ready to change your business.

Manage human capital digitally. Define what you really need and let us develop it for you to make the most out of your valuable time.

  • Defining your needs
  • Intuitive HR
  • Unique development
  • Payroll automation
  • Final implementation
  • Talent management
Human capital management (HCM) Development

Human capital management (HCM) Development

Human Capital Management and Analytics

Human Capital Management and Analytics

Human Capital Management Consultant

Human Capital Management Consultant

Human Capital Management SAP

Human Capital Management SAP

Automate the way you handle your employees in the most human manner out there. Let’s have everything in one, cleaned-up place.

That’s how our HCM system looks like

First of all, we aren’t just offering a system by itself, we offer an entirely unique process. Managing your human capital can be very intimidating if you have to handle lots of employees and have lots of different projects and tasks you have to coordinate your employees to. Let’s redefine how you manage your human capital by presenting you with our solution.

Defining your needs

Your business is something special. WebReinvent's philosophy is all about creating one-of-a-kind systems. Our business professionals will take care of you and help you to define your business's needs. We want to declare the exact tools, practices, workflows, and design for your HCM to fit perfectly into your business structure.

Intuitive HR

Our HR features make sure you have all of the data from each and every employee in one single place. Manage working hours, vacations, and home office with the click of a single button. Generate detailed statistics about the efficiency of your projects and the assigned employees. Manage digitally, for you, and the good of your employees.

Unique development

After your needs are defined, the resulting blueprint will be handed over to our expert software developers to create your very own HCM system using nothing but top-of-the-notch, and future proof technologies. Nothing is too complicated, doesn't matter if you want to have your HCM also on the go or if your needs require the usage of machine learning processes, our developers will take care of it making your HCM not only modern but also future proof.

Payroll automation

Integrate a fully packed payroll system within your HCM to ultimately eliminate your spreadsheets. Let your system calculate the salary of each and every employee individually for you by using data coming from the working hour management part of your HCM system. Reduce time expenditure and maximize your efficiency. On top of that, store all of the past data and payrolls within your system to maximize transparency towards your employees and partners.

Final implementation

Your system is finished and ready to get implemented. We won't leave you empty-handed after the development process has finished. We want your HCM to generate no resistance at all, meaning we want you to enjoy the entire process. That's why our experts take the developed software and make sure it gets implemented within your business the right way, leaving you with a complete, one-of-a-kind experience.

Talent management

Your human capital is your most precious one. Unleash all of the talent management capabilities of your HCM system to define your business needs and identify automatically which upcoming employee will fit your business philosophy and workforce the most. On top of that, manage the education of every employee individually, set educational goals, and track each and every step while gaining the exact knowledge to become a valuable part of your company.

Why it’s important to manage your human capital

Human capital management by WebReinvent is not simply data storage. It’s a powerful platform to get things done.

Who are we?

Manage your employees, their salary, and make their knowledge plannable for future projects.

Get a complete overview of your employees workforce and their time of active working. Analyze beautiful, helpful statistics and get notified whenever someone doesn’t work on plan.


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We’re a team consisting of computer freaks, business pros, and marketing experts. Combine that knowledge and you get the beauty of WebReinvent!

  • You determine when we’re finished.
  • Your code will be 100% unique using the most modern coding standards.
  • Our consultation is available from the very first, to the very last day.
  • Future proof tech.
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