DevOps Solutions

DevOps Solutions

We take over infrastructure automation and build custom software tools to introduce IaC into your current processes.

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Provide your development teams with greater creative freedom and technological capabilities with cloud-based DevOps automation solutions delivered by WebReinvent.

WebReinvent provides DevOps services to automate end-to-end software delivery and ensure the scalability and security of infrastructures in companies of all sizes.

  • Managed kubernetes
  • Terraform infrastructure as code
  • CI/ CD
  • Migration services: cloud migration
  • Cloud optimization
  • Cloud automation
DevOps Solutions Architect

Analyzing, executing & streamlining practices

DevOps Solutions Experts

DevOps Solutions Experts

DevOps Solutions and Services

AI and ML Services

DevOps Solutions Design

DevOps Solutions Design

Our DevOps team's understanding of the technology landscape allows us to analyze your environment and suggest solutions that have a proven track record of success.


Our expertise in automating public, private and hybrid IT infrastructures in the cloud enables us to set up your end-to-end software delivery pipeline seamlessly and efficiently. Stay on the cutting edge with best-practice infrastructure to microservices, security, service meshes, CI/CD, Kubernetes, serverless, and more.

Managed kubernetes

We set up and manage Kubernetes clusters for our clients. We architect highly available clusters, with no single point of failure and with Disaster recovery. Many such clusters are running Cryptocurrency exchanges.

Terraform infrastructure as code

StackExpress setup or converts client's AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Azure infrastructure into version controlled Terraform templates. This safely allows us to make infra changes and rollback infrastructure.


We use Jenkins, TeamCity, TFS and other tools to setup Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployments. This includes Staging/QA and Production pipelines setup, troubleshooting and management.

Migration services: cloud migration

Our team helps customers migrate live production applications to one or more clouds i.e. AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform. We perform zero-downtime data migrations from MySQL, Postgres and MS SQL.

Cloud optimization

Our team has extensive experience in architecting and optimizing cloud solutions. We have achieved this for apps running on all popular public clouds. Cost of our team pays for itself through savings.

Cloud automation

We are experts in automation, auto-scaling, load balancing, regional latency optimization, fail-over and backup of JavaScript, RoR, PHP, Java, .NET based app stack running on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

AWS cloud management

We have a 24*7 team for managing application stacks. Team is capable of resolving DNS, SSL, Infrastructure level issues. Team also scans sites, receive alerts, verify, fix or escalate. Team prepares site stability reports.

HA tools and technology

We use Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Chef, SaltStack, Puppet, Jenkins, TeamCity etc. We work with applications using Java, Node, PHP, .NET, Python, Rails, Angular, React. Team learns new tools quickly.

Cloud as a DevOps enabler

We deliver custom tools that allow you to manage both application servers and applications-as-code.

Who are we?

We will tailor them to your specific environment needs and bundle them with libraries of typical automation tasks. We make your deployments error-proof, easy to manage and reproduce. For this, we deliver tools that model your applications and the environments they will operate in, as well as automate related deployment workflows.

We develop custom solutions scripted to perform various tasks all the way from configuring an OS in a virtual or physical node to setting up your firewall ports, thus minimizing your admins’ engagement in recurrent time-consuming tasks. Accelerate time to market, decrease development costs, and enhance performance with highly scalable cloud-native applications.


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Expert DevOps so you can sleep at night.

Our responsive culture is aimed at execution.

  • Continuous release & deployment
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Continuous feedback & optimization
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We are an extension of your team, so we work to save you money on your production and cloud environment expenses.

  • Continuous software delivery
  • Facilitated release planning
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