Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

Using seasoned senior architects, developers, testers and a PM, we will build an entire, end-to-end software product.

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We provide you with regular and transparent reporting for a reliable turn-key solution.

We can headhunt and find the very best talent in the world for your business.

  • Top talent engineers
  • Transparent pricing and timelines
  • Rapid ramp-up times
  • Efficient and accessible service
  • Customer-Focused culture
  • Versatile professional teams
Dedicated Development Team Model

Dedicated Development Team Model

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team Services

Dedicated Development Team Services

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

WebReinvent helps build dedicated teams tailored to the needs of your project to scale the capacity of your business.

Hiring is your best and most important task

When you hire a Dedicated Development team, you'll have the power to build a software solution tailored to your unique business needs. We build teams of talented software engineers to help companies design and develop innovative technology products. Our end-to-end software development services turn your product vision into a reality.

Top talent engineers

We use a rigorous hiring and training system to ensure that our engineers are some of the best in the industry. Every WebReinvent engineer has versatile development experience to meet your unique business needs.

Transparent pricing and timelines

WebReinvent offers fair, transparent pricing at every stage of your project. And if your business needs change, our Dedicated Development teams are trained to adjust their performance.

Rapid ramp-up times

Unlike smaller companies, WebReinvent can ramp-up your project with unparalleled speed. We'll select your Dedicated Development team of expert engineers quickly and effectively so you can focus on your business.

Efficient and accessible service

Our unique global business model gives you the highest value for the lowest cost. WebReinvent is available whenever you need us and works around the clock to deliver your project.

Customer-Focused culture

At WebReinvent, we've cultivated a unique company culture that's focused on customers. All of our employees share common passion for helping your business thrive by delivering high-quality software. When you hire a WebReinvent team, you're gaining a true technology partner.

Versatile professional teams

Our teams leverage software development efforts in backend REST API in PHP, Python, NodeJS; Single-page apps in JavaScript, React, Angular, Enterprise apps in Java and Spring, .NET, AWS, GCP, Azure cloud automation and DevOps using Python and Ansible.

Software experts who work exactly where, when, and how you need them most

We know that the success of any dedicated development team relies on expertise, skills, and mindset.

Who are we?

A dedicated development center at WebReinvent is a contractual engagement model built around team productivity optimization in exclusive, long-term outsourcing relationships. WebReinvent provides access to global engineering talent and truly round-the-clock support.

Working with a dedicated team means hiring the professionals you need to carry out the tasks you can’t (or don’t want to) do in-house. Also known as team augmentation, dedicated software development teams help startups and mature businesses reach specific business goals.


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Dedicated development team: a winning approach to outsourcing

Effective, but effortless.

  • Get immediate access to expert developers
  • Maximize your in-house resources
  • Streamline your budget and save money
  • Gain access to all major technologies
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Typical hiring delays related to the transition between companies, knowledge transfer, and the friction new members can bring to the team make it hard to ramp up rapidly.

  • Quick, specific domain and technology expertise acquisition.
  • All employees are solely allocated to the client’s engagement
  • Flexible, fast team scaling and system alignment with a client
  • Ability to switch to dedicated team or fixed scope