Chatbot Development

Chatbot Development

Work smarter, not harder. Gain efficiencies with bots. Automate customer conversations across every digital channel.

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We make AI chatbots for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

We build chatbots using IBM Watson, Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, Rasa NLU, fastText, and Microsoft Bot Framework.

  • Sales person
  • Lead generator
  • Interface
  • Host
  • Helper
  • Informator
Chatbot Development Process

Chatbot Development Process

Chatbot Development Tools

Chatbot Development Tools

Chatbot Development Services

Chatbot Development Services

Chatbot Development Company

Chatbot Development Company

We design and develop conversational experiences. Let us help you connect your brand with customers where they communicate today.

What roles can a chatbot play?

At WebReinvent, we have a dedicated chatbot development team with experience in building production-ready chatbots for various channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Kik, and Skype. We can also build, deploy, and optimize chatbots quickly and efficiently with Watson Assistant!

Sales person

The bot provides a range of sales services such as invoice generation, payment, and payment status tracking. Besides direct sales, a bot successfully provides cross-selling.

Lead generator

The bot gathers potential customers and offers them value: loyalty card or discounts, for example. Also, the bot is able to gather customer’s information and make appointments.


The bot integrates with appropriate API to complete clients’ requests. The bot is able to provide customer authorization and integration with another mobile or web services. After integration, a bot gives out processed results in the appropriate format.


The bot automates such processes as showcasing rules, presenting new participants or advertising.


The bot provides customer support and issues resolving 24*7. Helper answers to the FAQ and saves the time of live agents. The bot is also able to connect live agents with users if necessary.


The bot aggregates the data from different resources into a message and notifications customer regarding service changes.

We build chatbots that can revolutionize your business.

Our team uses the best chatbot development frameworks for building custom chatbots based on our client's unique business requirements.

Who are we?

We develop and train high-quality chatbots with conversational abilities, context sensitivity, and personality traits. Messengers are now the primary communication tool. They are simple, instant, and convenient, and the advent of chatbot platforms has made them also a powerful business tool. We bring communication to a new level by designing smart bots for popular platforms.

Get started on the right foot. Greet your customers with a chatbot to get the conversation going in the right direction from the start. Customers love quick resolution and so does your bottom line. Convert website visitors into paying customers, and speed up customer resolutions with Custom Bots.


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We create conversational experiences across channels

Put your best players in at the right time to score big with customers and agents.

  • Set it and forget it
  • Intelligent routing
  • Rich messaging
  • Deploys across channels
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We leverage leading platforms and NLP tools to build intelligent bots.

  • Customer support
  • Business process automation
  • Conversational commerce