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While the world has been seeing a massive change in the field of technology, the need for real-time solutions has toppled nearly over everything over the internet. With customers needing solutions as soon as possible, the necessity of real-time technology like instant messaging & chat is hard to defy.

It is being predicted that the real-time applications are going to grow tremendously in the time to come. A variety of customers has different requirements which need to be addressed swiftly. A majority of the top-notch companies have understood that building new applications for the enhanced customers’ experience is not needed, instead, if the already built mobile applications are inculcated with the real-time technology, then it is more than enough to please the users.

After understanding why the real-time applications are taking over the internet world, let’s understand what role plays in this practise.

What is enables bidirectional real time event based correspondence. The best thing about is that it can work with any device, browser or platform and that too with great reliability & speed. has two parts - Client side & server side. The server side of runs on Node.js while the client side runs on the browsers. Both of these consist of equivalent API.

A client can’t talk with a non websocket. So, needs libraries implemented on both the client & server side.

What can help achieve?

Document collaboration

Users can edit & respond on the same document simultaneously and see each other’s changes.

Asynchronous I/O

Also called “Non-sequential I/O”, which allows other processing to continue before transmission is completed.

Binary System

Now avail the power to send images, audios & videos back and forth.

Instant Messaging

Build chat apps with minimum involvement of code.

Real-time Analytics

Drive data to clients that is represented as real time logs, charts & counters.

Why WebReinvent is the best real time web development company?

WebReinvent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has the skilled experts who have worked on this platform and have in-depth knowledge of this technology, coupled with Node.js, and other complementing technologies to give any business the best real time web development.

We are backend developers who have helped businesses from start-ups to enterprise-level businesses and have delivered impeccable solutions every time based on their niche and mission.

Combining this great advanced tool with your idea will help create an exquisite real-time application which is going to stay for a long time to come & make your users entangled with your product.

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