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Want to skyrocket your email marketing campaign? - SendGrid will prove to be your campaign’s best friend.

In simple words, what is SendGrid?

SendGrid is a cloud-based email service which enables you to send your transactional & marketing emails without any complications. It relieves the businesses from the cost & complications of maintaining an email infrastructure.

It provides reliable & scalable email service which makes sure to deliver your emails to the recipient’s inbox, without any apprehensions. Marketers in today’s world can use SendGrid to deliver uncomplicated, economic and best marketing campaigns that are sure-fire for inbox delivery.

How can SendGrid help with blooming any business?

Along with providing versatile APIs for the website & app, SendGrid gives scalability, dependable delivery, real-time analytics & tracking.

Be it your email marketing campaign or sending emails to some selected of your clients, SendGrid makes it very easy to carry out such tasks.

SendGrid facilitates businesses & entrepreneurs to convert more leads, increase referrals, and meet their customer recruiting goals with a reformed email follow-up process.

Key features of SendGrid

  • Makes your email marketing campaign focused, uncomplicated & automated.
  • Easy updates & rapid implementation.
  • Send invoices, order confirmation emails, and other types to your customers reliably and swiftly.
  • Boosts the effectiveness of circulating & processing a large volume of emails.
  • Vastly reduces pre-processing time i.e. to generate a final list of recipients based on certain parameters like filtering based on unsubscribes, bounces & duplicates etc.
  • To enhance open-rates, SendGrid enables you to schedule email arrival time to your customers.
  • The SSL-enabled click in SendGrid can assist with safeguarding your customer’s confidential information.
  • Enable separate IP pooling for segmenting separate email traffic: This functionality aids with sending different segments of emails like transactional, newsletters, promotional, retention etc. through different IP addresses. This, in turn, assists with improving deliverability & engagement for each email type.

Use SendGrid from your website & app

Two important ways in which SendGrid can be integrated to a website & application:

1) Web API - Integration with SendGrid’s web API comes handy when one needs easy setup and when there is high latency between server and SendGrid’s server.

Web API is quicker than SMTP relay & easy to integrate with the websites & apps.

2) SMTP relay - SMTP, which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, lets you send the emails to your clients using your email server. SMTP relay is more beneficial when you need to integrate with an existing website or app. Here, we only need to configure SMTP settings to match with SendGrid credentials.

How can we help with flourishing your email marketing campaign?

We already have a healthy idea of the SendGrid and their varied type of products, making the complete process even more smooth and easy for your campaign.
We’ve expertise on integrating SendGrid plugins seamlessly to the new as well as existing websites & apps, facilitating your business to send emails effortlessly to your clients with ease. Our experts are proficient enough to make a rather complicated looking task work like a breeze.

Feel free to contact us to help achieve the understanding how we can inculcate SendGrid to your website or app; helping to take your business to the next level.

We, at WebReinvent, are more than capable of integrating SendGrid on below-mentioned platforms:

  • SendGrid Integration in WordPress

  • SendGrid module Integration in Drupal

  • SendGrid integration in Custom based PHP

  • SendGrid Integration in Joomla

  • SendGrid Integration in Magento

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