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With mobile marketing hurling in today’s world, one aspect of it can’t be taken lightly at any cost - Push Notifications.

A user may have multiple applications installed in their devices, and for your app to not get lost into the sea of installed apps, you need to make sure that your customers or users are engaged frequently over time to enhance customer engagement and thus, user-retention.

Push notifications are a great way to accomplish your mobile marketing goals.

Push notifications can be said as the text message alerts which your users receive who have installed your application in their devices.

What Push notifications can help a business achieve?


While fantastic app design and functionalities are mandatory for any app’s success, push notifications can put your app above the uncountable apps in the app store. Push notifications encourage better engagement for the users by opening exciting new ways for them. More push notifications, more is the user-engagement and thus, better brand/content marketing.


Push notifications can help with improving user retention many folds. It is highly probable that your app may get lost in the sea of unnumbered apps installed in the user’s mobile device. Sending push notifications at regular intervals get them hooked to your app. Of course, the push notifications should contain exciting offers, useful information and updates. Through push notifications, one can acquaint their users of

  • Breaking news
  • Upcoming events
  • Stock updates
  • Sports scores etc.

Direct marketing channel

Push notifications have come up as one of the most significant alternatives to the marketing strategy that emails and SMS used to hold earlier. App owners can now send their users promotional messages, great offers, special discounts, and coupons.

This also brings several other advantages like

  • Quick delivery
  • Speedy responses
  • Location-based targeting
  • In-store targeting

Improved branding

With push notifications, you can also include sounds, images, logos etc. of the brand to enhance brand recognition among their users. You can also improve it by further maintaining message frequency and content quality over time.


Through push notifications, an app owner can determine when a user accesses their device, to which type of message users respond more, several other useful insights. You can schedule your notifications based on the information when your users access their devices.

Why choose WebReinvent as real time push notifications app development company?

Our experts, at WebReinvent, are fairly acquainted with what push notifications can help your business achieve and which strategies & technologies are to be implemented to bring the best out of your application or website. With their in-depth knowledge of real-time technologies, our push notifications experts can tailor your app or website as per your niche, which hooks your users to your product, and you get the results that you’re dreaming for.

Our real time push notification services

  • Website push notification development
  • iOS push notification development
  • Android push notification development
  • Mobile push notification development
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