PayPal – Easy to pay online using your PayPal account, your bank account or credit card.


PayPal is an online payment service which enables to send, receive and pay funds electronically. It is one of the most admired Payment Gateway Integration Services over the internet. Basic PayPal accounts are free and in fact, many financial transactions are also free - including all the purchases where the merchants accept payment via PayPal. With enjoying over a million active users, PayPal has a distinct API known as PayPal IPN.

Payment gateway integration does come as the final step towards accepting payments from the customers on your website. With providing a wide range of payment options like Credit cards and bank transfer, it has emerged as the leading online payment service provider in the international market.

Benefits of having PayPal integrated into your website


PayPal reveals no data to the third parties when your customers make a purchase resulting in secure web transactions. It encrypts the credit card information, bank account details and other private information to make sure that your information is safe at every time. All of the private details are kept in private security in PayPal.

Instant money transfer from bank accounts

This is an important feature where your customers need not use their credit cards every time for online transfers. One can do instant transfers from their bank using PayPal.

Profitable money transfer

Even without any serious competitors, PayPal continues to provide a low fee service for online transactions. It has a very low percentage fee for business sellers and is free for basic accounts and shoppers.

Worldwide recognition

Being used for uncountable safe online transactions by business sellers and shoppers worldwide, it’s rare to see a business not having PayPal to collect funds from their customers online. Since it has worldwide recognition, it can be used to collect funds from customers in several countries throughout the world.

Why choose WebReinvent as PayPal website integration company?

At WebReinvent Technologies, PayPal gateway integration is one of our core areas of expertise. We’ve successfully integrated PayPal to our clients’ websites and apps across the world. We are capable of incorporating customized PayPal integration solutions on your website, making it much easier for you to accept funds as well as for your customers who wish to have a seamless online shopping experience using PayPal.  

Our PayPal integration proposition

  • PayPal Payment Integration/Plugin in WordPress

  • PayPal Payment Integration in Drupal

  • PayPal eCommerce Integration

  • PayPal Payment Integration/Module in Joomla

  • PayPal Integration in custom based PHP, Java

  • PayPal Payment Integration in Magento

  • PayPal Integration iOS & mobile

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