MongoDB – NoSQL based database for large data transactions and for implementing a scalable model.


MongoDB is a part of NoSQL database systems & doesn’t store data into tables like the traditional relational database. MongoDB devises integration of data very easy & swift by storing the data in structured form.

MongoDB is a cross-platform, open-source document oriented database system. MongoDB is designed keeping increasing, rapid performance and boundless scale in mind.

It has some important attributes which include

  • Field Indexing

  • Efficient load balancing

  • Aggregation Framework

  • Replication

  • Document-based queries expressed in JSON / JavaScript

  • Auto-sharding

  • Capped Collections

  • Flexible data processing

  • Full index support

  • Built in replication

  • Rich queries

  • Server-side JavaScript

  • GridFS for storing files of any size

  • Map/ Reduce (for adaptable agglomeration & data processing, queries run in parallel in all shards)

  • Geo-spatial indexing

MongoDB developers come much handy in the projects which include high volumes of data. It is being used by the businesses of various sizes as it is a high performance, high availability and on top of that, highly scalable. MongoDB’s scalability can be adopted from single-server deployments to huge architectures.

MongoDB is well adapted for

  • Archiving & event logging

  • E-commerce applications

  • Mobile applications

  • Gaming applications

  • Large traffic apps

  • Social networks

  • Document oriented systems

  • Large volume problems

With MongoDB, the data is stored in almost the same manner as represented by the program. This way no complex & time-consuming mapping is required.

It stores data as BSON (binary JSON) which gives a well-organized serialization format.

MongoDB makes use of BSON very heavily. It uses BSON to send the documents over the internet, persisting the documents to the disk, and for internal data interpretation. This, in turn, enhances fast scan-ability, additional data-types & effortless manipulation.

Why should a business consider adopting MongoDB development?

  • High speed

  • Saves time

  • Very simple development process

  • High performance

  • High availability

  • Cost-effective model

  • Flexibility

  • Eradicates complications

WebReinvent’s benefits for MongoDB database development services

  • 100% transparency

  • Open source proficiency

  • Expert & experienced MongoDB developers

  • Pre-eminent team of professionals

  • Collective and cooperative approach with client

Our MongoDB development services & capabilities

WebReinvent Technologies is praised for its various capabilities. As one of the best MongoDB development company, we provide the below mentioned services:

  • MongoDB integration

  • Data mining & aggregation

  • MongoDB implementation

  • Business Analytics

  • Architectural strategy & design

  • MongoDB configuration & Optimization

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