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Mailgun is an email automation utility. It consists of many powerful set of inbuilt functionalities to send, track and receive emails. Emails can be processed by developers through Mailgun API.

With taking benefits of Mailgun’s powerful APIs, developers can spend their valuable time in building great websites instead of spending their time fighting email servers.

With their well-organized documentation, Mailgun’s API is supported with all the most known languages like PHP, Python, C#, Java etc. It also provides with a great Mailgun plugin for WordPress to helps with linking Mailgun’s prowess with your website.

Through Mailgun’s free account, one is eligible to send up to 200 emails per day. While for increased limits, one needs to get the paid subscription.

Astounding features which Mailgun offers

Sending emails (via API or SMTP)

Mailgun doesn’t only send the emails, it makes sure that your emails land in your customer’s inbox. If for some reason an email is not delivered, it lets you know of that.

Inbound routing

Route the support tickets to your support team, reply to your users through your app and forget about spam completely. It also lets you test the web-hook endpoints effortlessly.

Spam filtering

Mailgun enables spam filtering for the incoming emails. One simply needs to click on the domain in the control panel and enable spam filtering service.

Tracking & Analytics

It gives you the ability to track and understand trends in real-time. Whether it is undelivered emails, click-through data or custom segments as set by you.

Email validation

Mailgun carries out a three step validation process. It also incorporates a mailbox provider check to ascertain if the address is valid or not.

Email deliverability

Delivery plan can be customized to give your emails the best possible chance to land in your customer’s inbox.

Our team of Mailgun API integration experts

WebReinvent’s team of experts have a thorough understanding of how to integrate Mailgun services to your website or app. Be it WordPress, Joomla or any other known platform, we know how to get the hard work done and make it look rather easy. We’re sure your business will reap full benefits of Mailgun with our Mailgun API/plugin integration services.

Our Mailgun services

  • WordPress mailgun plugin integration services

  • Joomla mailgun API integration services

  • Drupal mailgun integration services

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