Lumen – Building turbo speed APIs have never been easier. Great solution for building Laravel based micro-services


Lumen is a dazzling fast micro-framework by Laravel. From version 5.2, Lumen no longer contains sessions and views in its framework resulting in much leaner framework than Laravel. This inclines it more towards stateless APIs.

With getting rid of a lot of elements which don’t play well with stateless APIs, Lumen has managed to slim down by a great deal making it into a very fast & lightweight provision over other such frameworks. Lumen has been designed to be fast since its inception and thus, it is a suitable framework for speed dependent implementations. With being simple in syntax, it is easier to be deployed.

With having the intimate relation with Laravel, Lumen projects can be dropped into Laravel installation for instant functionalities. This means that everything written on Lumen can function with Laravel with all of its benefits & features.

Why choose Lumen for building RESTful APIs?

Benchmark breaking speed

With 1900 requests per second, Lumen is one of the fastest micro-frameworks available. Lumen enables developers to write stunningly fast services to support their Laravel applications. It is the best solution to building dazzling fast APIs & Laravel based micro-services.

Power for speed

Lumen maintains the speed without losing the power by using robust Laravel service container. One can use Laravel features such as Eloquent, queuing, caching, routing, validating with almost zero configuration.

Easily upgradable to full Laravel framework

If you have a Lumen project which you wish to upgrade to the full Laravel framework, then it couldn’t be easier. Due to Lumen’s intimate relation with Laravel, simply drop the code into Laravel installation to avail Laravel’s absolute power. One doesn’t need to change a thing. As easy as that.

Why WebReinvent is the best Lumen API development company?

WebReinvent’s team of Lumen Micro framework developers is fully acquainted with PHP, Laravel & Lumen for building high-quality web applications. What sets WebReinvent apart is our capability to deliver quality Lumen Development services on time and at affordable prices. We also provide maintenance & support for existing websites as well as revamping the websites to the latest models. WebReinvent’s proven track record makes it the best Lumen development company in the market.

Our Lumen Development solutions

  • Lumen eCommerce Application Development

  • Lumen Enterprise Application Development

  • Lumen Application Development

  • Lumen Template Design and Development

  • Lumen Custom Development

  • Lumen Mobile Application Development

  • Lumen RESTful Application Development

  • Lumen Cloud Development

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