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jQuery is a free, open source JavaScript library or JavaScript framework which simplifies navigating a document, selecting DOM components, building animations, handling events, and developing AJAX applications.

It also facilitates developers to create plug-ins on the top of JavaScript libraries.

jQuery, at its basic level, is a DOM manipulation library. The DOM is the representation of all the components of a web-page in the tree structure.

jQuery untangles the syntax for selecting, finding & manipulating these DOM components. Taking an example - one can make the use of jQuery to locate an element within the document with a defined property, altering one or more of its attributes, and causing it respond to an event. The modular approach with jQuery enables the building of powerful dynamic web-pages & applications.

Most important core-features supported by jQuery

  • Animations

jQuery comes with various inbuilt animations effect which one can use while web development.

  • AJAX support

With jQuery, it is much easier to create a responsive & feature-rich website using AJAX.

  • Lightweight

jQuery is a very lightweight JavaScript library making it easier for a faster website development.

  • DOM manipulation

jQuery makes it effortless for selecting DOM elements, traversing them, and modifying its content.

  • Event handling

jQuery provides a much easier way to capture a wide range of events like when a user clicks on a link, without the entailment to clutter HTML with such event handlers.

  • Cross-browser support

jQuery operates easily with Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Google Chrome, Safari 3.0+ & Opera 9.0+.

With the well-trained and right team of development experts, it is much easier to create web applications with this potent tool, without any apprehensions, throughout the development process, and which produces best results which suit the client’s specifications.

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  • jQuery Integration

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  • jQuery mobile application development services

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