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Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript - making it effortless to integrate charts into your website or web-based applications. Highcharts make it easy for you to share your data with your seniors, clients, colleagues and target audience.

It gives the ability to add intuitive and interactive charts to your mobile projects like pie, donut, spline charts etc.

What makes Highcharts an impeccable charting platform is the one touch drag for data inspection, multi touch functionality for zooming and advanced responsiveness to make it work like a breeze on mobiles and web applications.  

With having trusted by giants like Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, GE etc., integration of Highcharts into your website or application can prove to be eminent for your business.

Benefits of integrating Highcharts into your website

  • Highcharts is free for personal use and for non-profit organizations.

  • Vast chart collection - From pie, area, scatter, angular gauges, arearange, spline, areasplinerange to bar, columnrange, box plot, bubble, error bars etc. - now make use of a wide range of charts with Highcharts.

  • Charts are crisp & clear at every resolution and can be easily customized with JavaScript API and CSS.

  • Real-time - Represent complex data live, procure dynamic updates of data, and customize animations per your needs.

  • Highcharts’ full API functionality makes it easy to tailor the system as per the business’ objectives and needs.

  • Built on native browser technologies, making it easy to implement without any side plugins like Flash or Java. Furthermore, users also do not need to install anything on their servers.

  • Charts can be easily customized, thereby enabling businesses to customize the charts according to their brand image and business aspirations.

  • With multi-touch zooming, charts can be inspected more closely.

  • Tooltip functionality - Enabling users to see the message when the cursor is hovered over points and series.

Overview of Highcharts features

  • Desktop & mobile compatibility

  • Open dynamic API

  • Easy export and import

  • Zooming functionality

  • Pure JavaScript

  • Various chart types

  • Text rotation for labels

  • Multiple axes

  • Tooltip labels

  • Inverted chart or reversed axis

  • External data loading

  • Angular gauges

  • Polar charts

Highcharts integration services at WebReinvent Technologies

Our API integration experts have in-depth knowledge of working on various JavaScript charting libraries. We thoroughly understand our client's’ requirements and pick the best charts which are going to surely complement client’s business needs.

Our Highcharts integration solutions, at WebReinvent, are tailored for each of our clients and their business objectives. No matter how complicated it may seem, our integration experts will make the process look rather easy.

Our work speaks for itself and we stop at nothing until we have received appreciation from our clients for our innovative mindset, years of expertise in API integration services and subsequently, an exceptional solution.

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