FreshDesk – Deliver extraordinary customer support and make your customers happy with Freshdesk.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service platform which helps bring businesses to their customers and customers to the businesses.

Freshdesk provides one of the best customer support solutions that bring a pronounced customer experience for the users, and their model is scalable which helps companies provide great customer support as they grow.

Searching for a prominent customer support platform for your business? Freshdesk can surely come over to the rescue


Freshdesk allows your support team to collaborate and solve customer’s issues without getting in each other’s way. Customer’s inquiries become tickets and you can categorize & prioritize tickets and assign them to the right agents in your team.

Resolving customer’s requests become far easier with Freshbooks ticketing system.


With tickets, you can make use of other prime features offered by Freshdesk. These include

  • Live chat

  • Built-in phone channel

  • Feedback widget

  • Self-help portal

  • Facebook channel

  • Twitter channel

Improve your team’s performance

Serving clients, every day, can get a bit boring, even for the support agents who love to resolve customers’ issues. Freshdesk brings competition in the picture, with Freshdesk Arcade, to address the boredom.

Freshdesk Arcade gives agents the opportunity to compete with other team members to score more points in every ticket to win trophies & badges. This way your support agents are more driven to help the customers. A win win situation for everyone.

Multi-lingual support

Now provide support to your customers in different languages who are located in different parts of the world. Per customer’s preferences, everything from email notifications to self-help portal appears in the language of their choice.

Also, you can integrate Freshdesk with translation tools like Localize, Google Translation etc. for a seamless translation experience.

Security measures

Freshdesk makes sure that your workflow is made secure and foolproof. It comes with SSL encrypted servers and DDoS mitigation measures so that your data is secure at all the times.

Freshdesk also enables you to whitelist a range of IPs so you allow only selected IPs to access your Freshdesk account. In short, make your agents access your Freshdesk account while keeping unwanted entities from tampering with your Freshdesk account.

A great customer support is the backbone of any business wanting to hurl through the top. And Freshdesk can prove to be an impeccable solution for all your customer support needs.

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