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cPanel is a user-friendly control panel that provides web hosts, and the website owners, the capacity to swiftly and effortlessly administer their servers and websites.

cPanel provides a graphical interface & automation tools built to ease the process of web hosting. cPanel avails a three tier structure that enables site owners, admins and, resellers to control the various components of website & server administration via a standard web browser.

Apart from the graphical interface, cPanel also consists of a command line and API-based access which enables third party software providers, web-hosting companies, and developers to automate standard system administration operations.

When going with a web-hosting service, it's of utmost importance that you know what you're searching for. And the most important thing is what kind of control panel the website host is using. There are uncountable control panels in the market, however, the common most and the best one is cPanel.

Reasons to choose cPanel web hosting for your website

Trouble-free installation and management

Out of numerous control panels out there, cPanel is the easiest to install. All you need is a Linux environment and some free space on your system. Apart from an easy installation process, managing cPanel is like a breeze as well. Its graphical interface streamlines every web hosting component from managing website, accessing emails to managing domains and much more to make web hosting effortless.

With cPanel, you can also transfer your website to a new web hosting provider with ease through its transfer tool.

Astounding security measures

cPanel uses a three tier structure. This enhances the management security of your site. cPanel provides more access control and security measures like adding passwords to your directories, restricting access for the users to some parts of your website. With cPanel, you've total control on the signing requests and you can manage SSL/TLS keys & certificates effortlessly.

Real-time analytics

cPanel gives you certain analytical tools like how your website, server, and account are working in real-time. If any issue arises, cPanel will notify you via an email or text message right on your mobile.

Our cPanel services

We, at WebReinvent, have a trusted dedicated server which is fully controlled and managed by us. Since the server has much more capacity than what is consumed by our in-house processes, there is an ample server space left unused.  

This encourages us to offer cPanel web hosting services to our clients based on their requirements and at a fraction of the cost. Not only you will get a much affordable web hosting solution, but, to supplement, you’ll also get our technical support which is trusted by all our clients.

Rest assured you’ll get the best web hosting experience with our completely centrally managed server which is trustworthy, highly secure and renders little to none server downtime.

We’re proficient in cPanel server management and providing support to our valuable clients is our top priority. Employ the best Affordable cPanel web hosting services you can ever find.

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