Concur API – Cloud-based business service that makes it effortless to manage travel and expenses

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Concur is an expense & travel management platform intended to make business travels easy to book, manage their expenditures, and bill the expenses.

Concur makes it easy and seamless to track, report and analyze business travel spending. An expense can easily be recorded and approved by taking the picture of the receipt. It consists of electronic receipts for hotels, airline, restaurants, ground transportation, and credit card purchases. On top of that, the module can be integrated with enterprise resource planning for a greater visibility of your expenditures.

Concur API integration to your website will surely save an ample amount of time and resources for your business.

Let’s look at how Concur API integration into your website will help you manage your business seamlessly

Save time and resources

Concur helps you save time and effort by a great deal by managing your employees’ travel expenses. You can have the access to the images of receipts through manager access. Furthermore, instead of wasting time on finding the best traveling deal, you can find the best deals of the travel companies right on your fingertips.

Automate invoices and payments

With Concur, you can automate the invoice creation and payments to be made via credit cards, checks or ACH. Suppliers can log into self-help portal and check the invoices, thereby minimizing the need for them to contact you. Moreover, to keep a tight check on the expenses, Concur can match your purchase orders with supplier deliverables.

Faster budget/expense processing

Since Concur can be accessed on all the major operating systems like Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows, integrating Concur with your ERP model can expedite your budget and expense processing.

An overview of Concur benefits for your business

  • Get expenses easily by taking pictures of receipts

  • Over 25 templates to choose from to represent your travel expenses

  • Avail the best travel supplier rates easily including negotiated rates

  • Real-time travel booking

  • Data encryption for secure online transactions

  • Automated payments and self-help portal for vendors

  • Build reports out of receipts

  • Approve or reject expenses from manager access

  • Incorporates e-receipts

  • Integration with ERP system for faster budget/expense processing and greater visibility

Concur API integration services at WebReinvent Technologies

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