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Slack has truly changed the way we communicate with our team since its inception. It may look like just another collaboration tool from the outside, but there is much more under the hood to it.

We’ve seen many collaboration applications come and go, but never we saw an app making such an astounding effect like Slack.

With Slack, one can easily communicate with their team from any corner of the world anytime. Startups & enterprise-level businesses can use Slack for better communication to escape the pitfalls of traditional emailing.

Prime features of Slack


Categorize messages, notifications & discussions based on departments, topics or projects. Create groups, and all the information in the channel will be accessible to all the channel members.

Private channels

Private channels come handy when there lies some confidential data, or only a limited number of team members are allowed to view the information related to the subject. Private channels can only be joined through invitations.


Tune the notifications based on channels, direct channels, or direct messages. Notifications can be viewed through push notifications on the desktop or your smartphone. Make sure to never miss any important information in real-time.


This is the beauty of Slack. All the information is archived and searchable by the members in the channel or group without any apprehensions. Easily find the information even if it is in the shared document.

Share files

Sharing files and documents is one of the most important aspects of collaboration. With simple drag & drop sharing ease, effortlessly share the documents even if they are out of the solution itself.

Direct messages

If you wish to send messages to anyone (apart from a group), Slack offers you the conventional messaging tool for direct communication.


Ability to integrate Slack is what takes it above any other collaboration tool. All the departments’ & projects messages are centralized in one place, which is easily searchable and accessible. It highly eases one’s team to take action in unison and makes the business more productive.

Why choose us for Slack API integration?

Slack comes with pre-built integration & one can customize to build their own integration.

This is where we come handy. With our in-depth knowledge of how slack works and how we can integrate this superlative collaboration to your business model, our best Slack API integration experts can help flourish your business better than ever before.

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