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AJAX which stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML”, in simple words, is an approach of reciprocating data with a server, updating segments of a web page, without having a need to reload the entire page.

AJAX comes to symbolize a wide range of web technologies which are used to apply a web application which reports to the server in the background, without obstructing the current state of the web page.

With the use of AJAX, great multi-purpose segments of a web-page & its features could be handled with just using a single web-page, circumventing the need for avoiding clutter by using several pages instead.

The technologies that make AJAX up

  • JavaScript

  • DHTML/DOM support

  • XMLHttpsRequest

  • Data transport with XML & JSON

It’s not a new programming language but a new approach to using the existing standards.

Chat & Maps

Chat applications which are placed on uncountable websites for support these days are made through PHP, JavaScript & AJAX in the simplest of ways. All the maps which are placed on the websites are devised with AJAX. This is the primary reason why Google Maps got so much popularized in today’s community. Without AJAX, the word “instant” will have no meaning.

Why the dire need for AJAX these days?

  • Compatible with almost all the browsers & devices.

  • Major internet giants are making use of AJAX to give interactive features on their websites for better user-experience.

  • AJAX doesn’t slow down the websites - Resulting in a perfect & speedy experience for the users.

  • Backed by internet behemoths like Google, Yahoo!, eBay, Flickr etc.

How AJAX complements the web-development?

  • Low deployment cost & maintenance support services

  • No requirement for any software installation

  • Provides web applications which are low cost, user-friendly & faster

  • Reduces page load time by a great margin

  • Enhanced scalability & reliability

Why is WebReinvent Technologies the best AJAX development company?

  • Offers result-oriented solutions

  • 100% client satisfaction

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  • Customized solutions as per client’s requirements & niche

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  • Solutions for businesses ranging from start-ups to enterprise-level businesses

  • Search-engine friendly solutions with AJAX

  • Chat integration & news development services on websites

  • User-friendly interactive interfaces

There’s no waiting. Our proficient yet friendly AJAX experts have in-depth knowledge of the technology and how to make it work flawlessly on your website, without it losing any of its perks.

We give websites a new look throughout with our AJAX capabilities. Hire AJAX developers and sit back while we do the heavy work.

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